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Restroom Sinks and Mirrors



Pandora Marble

A fun backsplash or feature wall for any room.

$15.99 per piece 

Pale Cascade

This beautifully shaped mosaic consists of stainless steel with a glass finish.  

$10.99 per piece

Pale Cascade_edited.jpg

Wooden Style

A beautiful addition to any kitchen, bathroom, powder room or feature wall.

$12.99 per piece (2" x 4")

Volie Light & Dark

Beautiful glass finished mosaics priced to sell.

$10.99 per piece

Volie Light_edited.jpg
Volie Dark_edited.jpg

Marble Mini Brick

This marble mini brick design will steal the show in any room of your home.

$10.99 per piece

Mini Brick_edited.jpg

<Marble Mini Hexagon

This modern marble mini hexagon backsplash is a popular favourite!


$10.99 per piece 

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